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Enrolment and visa requirements

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Documents required from international  students enrolled for study in master degree at the VUZF University:

1. Completed application form.

2. Copy of your official diploma ( Bachelor’s or Master’s diploma together with your transcript of records acquired during high school education. These documents have to be translated in Bulgarian and legalized at the Bulgarian embassy in your country/neighboring country.

3. Medical certificate, issued not earlier than 1 month prior to application. This certificate is issued by your health center/service and has to include information about your health condition. The certificate has to be translated in Bulgarian and legalized at the Bulgarian embassy.

4. Four recent passport- size photos (3,5 / 4,5 cm.)

5. Copy of the first page of your passport or other identification documents with your names in Latin letters, date and place of birth.

Important:  If your country has signed the Hague convention, you can get an" Apostille" certificate  for the documents in 2. and 3. and there will be no need of legalization at the BG Embassy. You may find member countries of the convention and  the competent authority providing "Apostille" at http://www.hcch.net.


Mailing address:
Sofia 1618, Gousla Str. 1, “Academic affairs” Dept.
Ms. Mariana Pantova

VUZF University

Short outline of the visa issuing process (for non- EU citizens only):

I. When we receive the documents we forward them to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science in Bulgaria which will then issue an enrollment certificate in Bulgarian language. This certificate will be sent to you by express mail. Please, give your exact mailing address (all mailing charges are at the expense of the applicants)

II. The final step is then for you to take the certificate and the other documents required for a long-term visa to the Bulgarian embassy in your country (or in a neighboring country if your country has no Bulgarian embassy or consulate) for your visa to be issued.

III. When the visa is ready, go to the Bulgarian embassy to get it. Please, make sure you carry your passport with you. Keep in mind that embassies usually need around 30 days to issue the visa.

IV. You may travel to Bulgaria after the visa is entered in your passport. Upon arrival on campus you must be issued a Bulgarian ID card. Bulgarian ID expenses are in addition to visa fees.

Important: In order to be a student at the VUZF University in Bulgaria you must have a Bulgarian ID card. This is Bulgarian Law and there can be no exceptions. You may obtain one only if you enter Bulgaria with a student visa (type D).

EU Member State, European Economic Area Citizens:

Higher Education Act, Art. 68, Par.6:

“The admission of students, doctors and specialists – citizens of member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area shall be implemented under the conditions and by the order determined for Bulgarian citizens”.

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