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VUZF - University Students For present students Master programs

Application fees for the 2017/2018 academic year:

Application documents submission fee – € 150

The application envelope and the application document submission fee are paid only once.
Application document submission fee and Master’s degree exam fee do not have to be paid by socially disabled applicants – blind, deaf, people with permanent disabilities and reduced working capacity by 70 or more per cent, disabled soldiers/ex-service, complete orphans to the age of 25 in the year of application, entities grown to adulthood in orphanages and deprived of parental care, as well as twins and mothers with three or more children – in case they have submitted documents certifying the respective circumstances.
Application envelopes can be downloaded from the VUZF University web-site or purchased at the VUZF University bookstore (Sofia, “Gousla” 1 Str.) or booth during education fairs and exhibitions.

If applicants submit payment for both of the semesters at the beginning of the academic year, they are entitled to a discount from the annual tuition fee.
For applicants in kinship ties (siblings, children and parents, good spouses in marital relations) with VUZF University students enrolled in Master’s degree, the tuition fee is 30% lower for a second student. For students enrolled in Financial Management and Marketing (in English) or in the Joint program in Finance with the UMUC, there is a 10% discount for a second student.

When a recorded student abandons intention to commence education in the VUZF University before the beginning of the academic year, he/she is entitled to request a return of half of the semester’s tuition fee within one month from the academic year inception.

No submitted tuition fees are subjected to a refund after the commencement of the academic year

Bank accounts:

Texim Bank:
IBAN:                    BG57 TEXI 9545 1005 4536 00 – BGN

IBAN:                    BG39 TEXI 9545 1405 4536 00 – EUR

BIC:                       TEXIBGSF

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