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Students complete their study in Master program with diploma thesis defense. The graduates of this degree may continue their education to acquire the educational and scientific degree "PhD" and participate in various forms of continuing education.
Right of appearance of defense of diploma thesis have students who have passed all the semester exams for master degree and have fulfilled the other obligations in the curriculum of the Major and form of study.
Scientific tutors for the graduates are identified by the Head of the Council of Major for review of their thesis.

The defense of the thesis is organized in three sessions, the time is determined in the curriculum of the Major and type of training. Students should enter a Request for defense to the Rector.

Students can come to the thesis defense in the third and subsequent session with individual records, which are prepared by the Directorate of School Activities at least one days before the date of the defense and payment of fees.
The thesis defense takes place before the committee, which includes at least three academic lecturers in the same scientific field. It may also be involved people from other universities and professionals in practice.
Students, who have fulfilled all obligations under the curriculum, receive a diploma of higher education for the academic title "Master" in the specialization of professional qualification "Economist". Higher school diploma issued with a European diploma application.

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