About VUZF

Quality Management System

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The university has incorporated an educational system of the quality management of training and research, which has been certified by "Moody International" in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000.

The VUZF University declares officially its Quality Policy and:
• Declares that the students are the main priority of the higher school and takes care of their satisfaction by the provided education;
• States that the academic staff of the higher school has rich pedagogic and practical experience and the readiness, willingness and competence to offer high quality of training and work for its constant improvement;
• Relies on the active involvement of students and other concerned parties in ensuring and improvement of quality;
• Declares its strive to establish and develop a culture which takes into account the importance of education and the academic staff and its support;
• Has the obligation to identify all processes in the higher school and confirms that they are performed under controlled conditions;
• Realized its leading role in the formulation of the quality objectives and performing constant control for their implementation by efficient mechanisms;
• Assumes and has the responsibility for the periodic review and update of the QUALITY POLICY aiming at its adequacy and constant improvement;
• Guarantees transparency in the activity of the higher school and the recognition of values such as honesty, decency and moral by the lecturers, employees and students of the school.

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