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About VUZF


Prof. Teodora Lazarova, PHD

Teodora Lazarova has graduated at Sofia University "Sv. Kliment Ohridski " in bachelor"s degree in Psychology. She holds two Master"s degrees on Organizational Behavior and Counseling of the Organizations and on Business Administration at the same university. She successfully defends a dissertation exploring the link between leadership styles, organizational climate and teamwork at the Institute for Population and Human Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In 2018 she acquires the academic position "Associate Professor" at VUZF with her monographic work "Innovative Management of Human Resources".

Assoc. Prof. Teodora Lazarova has 13 years of professional experience and more than 9 years of academic experience. The disciplines she teaches at VUZF, the University of Sheffield, NBU, UNWE, NSA, and Adam Smith"s Management College are in the field of human resource management, leadership and business psychology. From 2015 she is a certified Blackboard consultant for Bulgaria. She is a lecturer at the program for building administrative capacity, conducting trainings of many municipalities and public sector institutions. She has participated in dozens of international conferences in Bulgaria, Serbia, England, Ireland, Denmark and Malta.

She participates and actively supports various social initiatives. Her career started as a volunteer at the UN. Teodora supports the establishment and expansion of the Debate Association club and she a mentor in the "Cherie Blair" Women Foundation. In 2018 she became a co-founder and member of the Board of the Association for Technology Education and Innovation. Her professional business experience includes various expert positions in Eurobank EFG Bulgaria, Commercial Bank D and Blackboard. She has been part of the NaXex Technological Development team for several years with a focus on employee selection and trainings. She is currently a Global Human Resources Manager at Blue Bear Technologies, a global marketing company.