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prof. Sava Grozdev

Sava Grozdev is professor in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. He has Master degree in Complex Analysis - Sofia University; PhD degree in Mathematical Analysis and DSc degree (Dr Habil degree) in Pedagogy of Mathematics; specialization in France (Technical University in Lille) on Control and Stabilty of Systems. Presently he is Vice-Rector of the VUZF University - Sofia and is responsible for scientific activities and PhD education. Prof. Grozdev is specialist in Nonlinear Oscillations, Stability and Control, Analytical Mechanics, Mathematical Analysis, Geometry, Probability Theory and Statistics, Quantitative methods and Business Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics for economists, Econometrics, Financial Mathematics. Invited lector in France, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Russia, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, he is national and international expert in Mathematics Education, Assessment, Control of Research, Actions on Skills, Training and Career Development, Information, Communication and New Technologies in Education and Research, Research Infrastructures.

Prof. Grozdev is the author of more than 400 scientific publications and 30 books. He is the author of a mathematical model for preparation of talented students. As a leader of the Bulgarian National Team for the IMO he has applied the model and in the period 1999-2003 Bulgaria has won 30 medals from 30 possible ones - 17 gold, 11 silver and 2 bronze, including the World Championship in 2003 in Japan. Prof. Grozdev was mentor of 26 PhD students (2 from Japan, 2 from Macedonia an 1 from Germany) with successfully defended dissertations. He is Doctor Honoris Causa of 5 universities in Bulgaria and abroad, Academician of IHEAS (International Higher Education Academy of Sciences) - 2008, Academician of the Academy for Informatization of Education (Russia) - 2010, Academician of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts (BASA) - 2011, Academician of the яInternational Informatization Academy (Kazakhstan) - 2015.

Founder and Editor in Chief since 1992 of Mathematics Plus Journal (Bulgaria) (ISSN 0861-8321); Editor in Chief of Mathematics and Informatics Journal (Bulgaria) (ISSN 2367-7775); Editor in Chief of Mathproblems Journal (Kosove) (ISSN 2217-446X); Co-Editor of International Journal of Computer Discovered Mathematics (ISSN 2367-6493) http://www.journal-1.eu . Member of the Editorial Boards of: "Sigma" (Macedonia) (ISSN 1409-6803); "Creativitate Matematica" (Romania) (ISSN 1584-286 X); "Pedagogical Informatics" (Russia) (ISSN 2070-9013); "Information Environment of Education and Science" (Russia) (2223-4438); VUZF Review (Bulgaria)

Awards: International Competition of the European Mathematical Society for writing a paper ("Gazette des mathematiciens", 105, 2005, 57 - 64), Third Prize -2000; International Competition "Write-a-problem-set International Challenge" of the American Organization "Best Practices in Education" (18 E. 16th Street, New York, NY 10003, USA), Prize "Meritorious" - 2003; Bulgarian Order "Cyril and Methodius-First degree" - 2007; Annual Prize of the Union of Scientist for higher scientific achievements - 2008. In 2013 Prof. Grozdev was awarded the Bulgarian State Award "Pythagoras" for higher achievements in Science and Education. In 2017 he was awarded the "Palmes Academiques" of the French Government.

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