С тържествена церемония изпратихме випуск 2023
7 12 23

We sent off the Class of 2023

With a solemn ceremony, we bid farewell to the Class of 2023. On December 6, 2023, a grand ceremony was held in the packed auditorium where diplomas were awarded to the Class of 2023 of the Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF).

In the presence of the management and the academic staff of the higher education institution, over 150 bachelors and masters received their diplomas.

In his greeting to the graduates, the president of HSIF, Mr. Apostol Apostolov, emphasized that they are the generation of crystal children and the next spiritual teachers of humanity - wise, insightful, and balanced. 'I wish you to build your future in a better world, which is the fruit of your efforts, without looking back, and to rely on your uniqueness. I hope that HSIF has contributed to your professional and personal growth,' stated Mr. Apostolov, wishing the graduates well.

Along with the rector of VUZF, prof. Boris Velchev, DSc, the graduates took the traditional oath of the higher education institution as economists.

A special guest at the ceremony was Mrs. Goritsa Grancherova-Kozhareva, Deputy Chairman of the Court of Accounts, who in her greeting emphasized that HSIF is a remarkable example of how in just two decades, a higher education institution can become the most prestigious private business university in Bulgaria. 'This is an emblematic place for academic and professional training, creating a large community of financiers, auditors, insurers, accountants, who are some of the most sought-after specialists, prepared to solve the problems of the present and the future. Be dedicated and bold, and do what you love, changing our country for the better,' said Mrs. Grancherova-Kozhareva in her speech.

Traditionally, during the ceremony, the university rector presented special awards to lecturers and students who excelled during the year.

Prof. Dr. Richard Werner, lecturer at the University of Oxford and University of Winchester, a regular professor at VUZF from this academic year and one of the world's most authoritative economists and lecturers, was respected with a special certificate of honor and the honorary sign of HSIF. Prof. Werner was distinguished for his exceptional merits in creating the first international joint master's program at VUZF, 'International Banking and Finance', which will start in the 2024/2025 academic year.

Associate Professor Dr. Hristina Atanasova was awarded the 'Lecturer of the Year' prize, chosen by the vote of the VUZF students. .

The special prize 'The Light of Business university' was awarded to Silva Lazova, who graduated with a master's degree in 'Business Software and ERP Platforms' with an Excellent grade of 5.94 and a Bachelor's degree in 'IT Analysis and Business Strategies' with Excellent - 5.87.

The 'Light of VUZF' award is given to a student who has completed both a bachelor's and a master's degree at the Higher School of Insurance and Finance and has achieved the highest grades during their education in both degrees. Traditionally, the beneficiaries of the 'Light of VUZF' award place their hand in a special cast, which is placed on the wall of the most outstanding students of Iniversity of finance and insurance.

Nikol Trayanova was awarded for the highest achievement in the bachelor's degree of the Class of 2023. She graduated in 'Business Psychology and Human Resources' with an Excellent grade of 6.00 and simultaneously in 'Marketing, Sales, and Business on the Internet' with Excellent - 5.99.

During the ceremony, 15 students who achieved straight A's in their master's degrees were also honored.

The diplomas in the individual specialties were presented by the Dean of the academic program, Associate Professor Dr. Victoria Gatzova, and the heads of the departments - Professor Dr. Ali Weisel, Department of Accounting and Audit, and Professor Dr. Teodora Lazarova, Department of Business Administration and Marketing.

Father Dilyan from the St. Prophet Elijah Church in the capital blessed the graduates, and musicians Nikoleta Haytova, flute, and Martin Markov, piano, who performed 'Let it be' and Bossa Nova, took care of the good mood of all guests.

The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Dr. Yuliya Dobrev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

This year, the ceremony concluded with a group photo of the graduates and a cap toss to the enthusiastic applause of the guests and friends of the Class of 2023.

We are proud of our graduates.

Good luck to all the graduates!"