UZF University enters into strategic international partnership for migrant entrepreneurship
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UZF University enters into strategic international partnership for migrant entrepreneurship

VUZF University is a member of international consortia, which succeeded in COST ( initiative, funded by the European Commission. The project is entitled Migrant Acceleration for Growth Network for Entrepreneurship Training” (MAGNET).
The MAGNET project is addressed to entrepreneurship education and training and includes public and private actors from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands.

There is a growing body of evidence that (potential and future) entrepreneurs will require a different set of core competences to successfully set up and run their businesses in a changing society with changing economic and labor market situations. This has major implications for the transformation of Migrant Entrepreneurship Support and Training systems.
Therefore, the main objective of the MAGNET project is to promote the creation, improvement, further development and broader dissemination of already existing support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs. This is decisive in the future European labour markets, since being self-employed and building successful enterprises (both profit-generating and social enterprises) is an important strategy to improve labour market participation especially for migrants, who are often disadvantaged in terms of labour market integration.

The main activities of the project are:
* Developing and pilot-testing a train-the-trainer peer-learning programme for people active in the field of migrant entrepreneurship support at university level (Migrant Entrepreneurship Academy)
* Developing an Open Toolkit for Migrant Entrepreneurship Support on the basis of good-practice analysis and improvement
* Implementing an online-platform in order to guarantee open access to the Open Toolkit
* Conducting broad and holistic networking activities in the migrant entrepreneurship support field, both on regional and transnational level.