Admissions procedures

Admissions procedures

Application documents

Types of the PhD programs at the VUZF University There are three types of programs:

1. Full-time form

2. Part-time form

3. On an individual plan form

The "Full-time form" and the "On an individual plan form" studies last three years, while the "Part-time form" studies last four years.

Enrollment in Full-time and Part-time programs

Enrollment for PhD studies in Full-time form and Part-time form takes place on the basis of passing 2 exams - in Finance/Accounting and foreign language (English, French, or German). The dates for the exams are going to be published on the VUZF site. The candidates are going to get prepared for the exams following the requirements that are going to be published on the VUZF site for the purpose. After passing successfully the exams, the candidates are enrolled in the program.

Enrollment in the PhD program "On an individual plan form"

Enrollment in the PhD program "On an individual plan form" can happen any time during the year. There are no dates officially published for documents acceptance, the candidate just needs to send the necessary documents to the contact point provided below. Enrollment takes place on the basis of review of submitted text containing research proposal by the candidate on the subject on which he/she would like to do the research. The review is done by a special committee comprising professors in the relevant scientific field. After that decision whether the candidate is ready to be enrolled or additional work needs to be done. The whole procedure lasts approximately one month and a half.

In case a candidate is interesting in applying for the PhD program "On an individual plan form", but has not worked on a specific research proposal, the VUZF University could provide assistance so that he/she gets succeeds in preparing the necessary text by providing consultancy services from a professor who works in the field in which the candidate is interested. In this case, the candidate is going to work with the professor for one year and a half, upon which he/she will submit the research proposal to the committee for review. In case of positive evaluation from the committee, the candidate is enrolled in the PhD program "On an individual plan form" and needs to complete his/her studies within one year and a half from enrollment. Thus the total term for completing the studies is again three years.

PhD Studies

All PhD students, irrespective of the program they are enrolled in, need to:

Upon graduation, the PhDs are awarded diploma by VUZF.



I.Filing application form in the Education Department at the VUZF University (following the template on the VUZF site). In attachment to it the candidate provides the needed documents:

  1. Diploma for completed master studies (in original and a copy) or a document certifying that the studies have been completed and only the issuing of the diploma is expected
  2. CV of the candidate
  3. English language certificate
  4. Copy of identity card or the relevant document
  5. Medical certificate (a document stating the health of the applicant)
  6. Criminal record
  7. List of publications, if any
  8. Text (research proposal) for review (if the candidate is applying for the PhD program "On an individual plan form")

The deadline for application finishes


II. The candidates are informed in writing whether they are approved to take the exams

III. The candidates take the exams in the relevant scientific field (Finance, Accountancy, Control, Audit, etc.) and foreign language


IV. The candidates receive notification whether they are accepted for enrollment