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Prof. Dr. Ec. Sc. Mihail Dinev


Prof. Dr. Ec. Sc. Mihail Dinev was rector of the Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF University) in 2002-2005. He is member of the Board of Trustees and the Academic Council of VUZF University. Prof. Dinev was awarded the honorary titles "merited professor" of VUZF in 2016 and "honorary professor" of VUZF in 2006. 
He was rector of the University of National and World Economy (1989-1990), first chairman of the Bulgarian National Audit Office in 1990, and Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (2004-2011).
Prof. Dinev is a longtime editor of the Yearbook and the  monographic publications of VUZF University.
He is among the most prominent Bulgarian economists, with outstanding contributions for the establishment and development of VUZF University.
With his pronounced prestige of scientist and expert in his area, prof. Mihail Dinev is deeply respected person because of his remarkable professional experience and brilliant ideas, combined with energy, modern thinking and diplomatic approach.

Prof. Dr. Ec. Sc. Metodi Hristov

Prof. Dr. Ec. Sc.  Metodi Hristov is doctor of economic sciences, lecturer at the Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF) and is the first Deputy Rector for educational
activities at VUZF (2002-2005). He was a member of the Scientific Committee of Economic Sciences at the Higher Attestation Commission. Prof. Hristov was a longtime lecturer at “D. A. Tsenov” Academy of Economics - Svishtov, and dean of "Finance" faculty (1972-1979). He is also a lecturer at the University of national and world economy and he was its Deputy Rector (1987-1989).
He has specialized in the Higher Institute of Economics in Berlin and in the University of Economics in Vienna. In Berlin he defended his second doctoral dissertation. He is a member of the International Institute of Public Finance and author of numerous scientific publications and textbooks in finance.
Prof. Hristov was awarded the title of “honorary professor” of VUZF University in 2006 and with “merited professor” of VUZF University in 2016 for his exceptional contribution to the establishment and development of the university.

Prof. Dr. Rumyana Neykova


Prof. Dr. Rumyana Neykova is a long-standing professor at the Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF University). She has been teaching Fundamentals of Management, Human Resource Management and Management Consulting courses. Her research and teaching career began in the "D. A. Tzenov" Academy of Economics - Svishtov and continued in the Trade Union Research Institute, the Institute for State and Business Administration and the Technical University – Gabrovo.
Prof. Dr. Rumyana Neykova has held a number of managing positions - Head of Department "Planning of the national economy" in "D. A. Tzenov" Academy of Economics, Svishtov, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs at Trade Union Research Institute, Head of Department "Management and Marketing" and Director of the Center for Distance Learning at the Technical University - Gabrovo and many others.
She is a member of the editorial boards of the journals "Society, man, nature", "Business directions", "Sustainable Development" and The Journal “Marketing and Management of Innovations” of the Sumi State University, Ukraine.
Prof. Dr. Rumyana Neykova is the author of over 160 scientific publications - monographs, studies, articles, books, research reports and more. She is a respected lecturer and researcher in the field of management and human resource management. She is winner of badge of honor and a crystal bowl of the Technical University – Gabrovo.
In 2016 she was awarded the title of "honorary professor" of VUZF for her contribution to the development of the University


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