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Giovanni Calabrò Founder and Executive Director of Calfin International Group


Awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of VUZF by decision of the academic council (taken with protocol № 6/29.09.2016 for his contribution to the establishment of cooperative links with the Italian educational and business system and for his support with technical equipment.

Giovanni Calabrò is an Italian entrepreneur. Since 1993 he has been the founder and
Executive Director of "Calfin International Group", an international holding, whose portfolio is investment transactions, construction and real estate management, trading with precious metals and others. Since 2014 he has been partner in Verde Industry, Geodrom and Fonderie Anselmi, as well as in investment companies operating in the sector of renewable energies and new technologies. Giovanni Calabrò has held management posts, he was a shareholder, partner and consultant to numerous companies in various sectors - finance and insurance, telecommunications, textiles, metals, financial consulting.


Luc Gijsens

Executive Director of KBC Bank & Insurance, Member of the Executive Committee of KBC Group, Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of DZI and CIBANK, part of KBC group. 

Awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa of VUZF by decision of the academic council (taken with protocol № 2/26.01.2016) for his contribution for the management and development of the KBC Bank & Insurance, as well as for the creation of a joint Master's program of VUZF and DZI "Innovation and business processes in the insurance".

  Luc Gijsens professional path began in 1977, when he joined the Kredietbank NV Successively he held the positions of currency merchant bank representative and manager of branches in Hong Kong, Bahrain, Los Angeles and Antwerp. In 1994 he rose to general manager of the Kredietbank in Antwerp. After the merging of the bank with ABB-Insurance and CERA (Centrale Raiffeisenkas) Bank and the creation of the KBC Bank & Insurance Holding in 1998, in 2000 Gijsens became Senior General Manager of KBC Bank. From 2011 he is the CEO of KBC Bank & Insurance and Executive Board member of the KBC Group. Since 2014 he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CIBANK and DZI, which are part of the KBC Group.


Dr. Fernando Montes-Negret

Director of Vienna Center for Financial Sector Advisory Services of the World Bank

Awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa of VUZF by decision of the academic council (taken with protocol №10/24.10.2013), for his merits for the evolution of thinking in the field of development policies of the financial sector in Central and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Fernando Montes-Negret is the Director of Vienna Center for Financial Sector Advisory Services of the World Bank. He has been a longtime employee of the World Bank, where he developed implementation reports and implementation of technical assistance loans to the financial sector. During the years 2010-2012, he worked at the IMF as a Senior Economist, responsible for countries in crisis, and also lead technical missions in Peru, Mexico, Poland and Uruguay. Before joining the IMF, Mr. Fernando Montes-Negret has been Director of “Development of the private and financial sectors” Department of Europe and Central Europe Region in the World Bank for six years. Previously, he was head of the sector, responsible for the financial policy, crisis management and crediting in Latin America Region and worked on the crises in Mexico and Argentina. He was Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Colombia, Advisor to the Monetary Board (the highest public office in the government at that time) and Under Secretary of Finance


Dr. Peter Hajdu

Regional Director of Cisco for Southеast Europe

 Awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa of VUZF by decision of the academic council (taken with protocol №4/27.10.2011)   for his contribution for the development of entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe and the creation of joint Master Program "Entrepreneurship and Finance" at VUZF University with the Institute for Entrepreneurs of Cisco.

Peter Hajdu was one of the founders of the Institute for Entrepreneurs Cisco and is the General Manager of Cisco Systems for Southeast Europe.
Peter Hajdu is the General Director of Cisco South East Europe operations. Prior to assuming his current role, Peter has served in numerous leadership positions in Cisco inclusive of  the directing Strategy and Business Development for Emerging Markets. In this role the primary responsibilities of Peter included: developing and executing strategic priorities, aligning organizational structure and investments, developing strategic alliances and building new innovative go-to-market strategies and business models. In this capacity Peter succefully launched the Cisco Entreprener Institute and the 3TS-Cisco Growth Fund, a Cisco venture capital initiative that is aimed at idenitfying and seeding early stage ventures in Central and Eastern Europe. Peter was also partnering with our Cisco Globalisation Office for various R&D engagements. The geographies covered by Peter were – Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, and Middle East including Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.
Before Cisco, Peter has worked for management consultancy, McKinsey and Company in multiple countries (France, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania etc), where he led strategy and operational projects in financial services, telecoms, consumer products, petrochemicals, automotive, airlines and retail. His experience included leading some of the largest greenfield Foreign Direct Investment projects targeted at Central Europe.
Peter holds an MBA and a Management of Technology degree from University of California, Berkeley, as well as an Executive Education degree from Harvard Business School and IMD. Peter is the alumni of Budapest University of Economics.


Klaus Junker

Executive Vice President of Allianz SE
Awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa of VUZF for his contribution for the development of the insurance market in Bulgaria.

Mr. Klaus Junker serves as General Director of Allianz New Europe Holding GmbH. Dr. Junker served as the Chief Executive Officer of New Europe region at Allianz SE until December 2009. Dr. Junker served as Deputy Chairman and Member of the Supervisory Board of Allianz Hungaria Biztosito Rt. Dr. Junker served as Vice Chairman of the Board of OJSC ROSNO since August 2007. He serves as a Member of Supervisory Board of Allianz New Europe Holding GmbH






12.05.2008 г.

Dr. Luka Dokov

Doyen of the Bulgarian insurance

Awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa of VUZF by decision of the academic council (taken with protocol №2/20.03.2008)  for his merits for the establishment and development of insurance and reinsurance in Bulgaria.

Luka Dokov is one of the doyens of the Bulgarian insurance. He is founder and Managing Director of the Agency of the "Underwriters" in Sudan. Founder of insurance in Sudan where he builds Insurance and Reinsurance Company (SUDINRECO). Dr. Dokov has worked in TA "Union" in the United Arab Emirates, in African reinsurance brokers, in the Afro-Arab reinsurance brokers, in the UK branch of "General accident" - Britain, etc.

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