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Europass is a new way to help people:
clearly describe their skills and qualifications gained in Europe ( EU, EFTA/EEA and the candidate member states)
reside across Europe.

Europass consists of five documents: 
two of them (the Europass CV and the Europass language passport) you can fill-in on your own;
three other documents (Europass Certificate Annex, Europass Diploma Annex and Europass mobility), are respectively issued and completed by the relevant competent organizations.

Europass is supported by network of national Europass centers.

Europass was established by a European Parliament and Council of Europe Decision EC N° 45/2001 from the 15th of December 2004 as a unified transparency framework of qualifications and competences.

For more information visit: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/
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