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At the end of 2007 the VUZF Universityreceived an extended Erasmus University Charter, which gives the right of participation in centralized and decentralized activities of the European Erasmus program for higher education. The Erasmus Charter reveals real opportunities for students, teachers and non-faculty mobility in the EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Turkey, starting from the 2008/2009 academic year. Student mobility activities include: “Student mobility for training purposes” (SMT), "Student mobility for practice” (SMP). The mobility of the teaching and the non-faculty staff includes activities such as: "Faculty mobility aiming at teaching "(FMT) and “Mobility of teachers and non-faculty staff for training purposes (MTNST).

Mobility is based on bilateral agreements / treaties betweenVUZF and other universities and organizations from the above-mentioned countries, approved by the Center for Human Resource Development and the Lifelong Learning Implementing Agency.

In 2008 VUZF signed a contract for the implementation of mobility with the Executive Agency. The implementation of program activities is imminent for the second semester of 2009. (Contract N 2008-ERA-MOB-11).

At the beginning of the 2008/2009 academic year VUZF participated in initiatives and events organized by the Center for Human Resources Development (CHRD). These include: the National Meeting of Erasmus Coordinators held on 10.10.2008, Contact Workshop organized by CHRD and the German Agency for implementation of partnerships between Bulgarian and German educational institutions, held between the 20-21.11.2008.

In December 2008 the Academic Council approved the rules for international mobility in the Erasmus program of the Higher School of Insurance and Finance. They determine the order of the procedures, the main program activities, the staff management program, as well as  the documents, which administer mobility. VUZF has conducted an information campaign about the program, providing guidance on opportunities for participation of students, teachers and non-academic staff.

During the period 2007/2008 the Higher school has put into motion its activity in research projects funded by external sources (primarily by the European Union). VUZF has developed and applied with the following project proposals:

Project for the development and implementation of an interactive form of training for the operation of organized financial markets.
This is a Leonardo da Vinci program project (Creating innovations) The application for the project is centrally submitted at the European Commission. Project partners are the Free University in Berlin, Germany; the University in the town of Piraeus, Greece; Allweb Solutions SA, Greece and “BIT” Ltd., Bulgaria.
Project for the Development of the Center for Continuing and Professional Training within VUZF.
The proposal was approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in the framework of the PHARE Program - Project line BG 2005/017-353.10.01 - Human Resources Development and Employment Promotion (PHASE 2), and won funding in the amount of BGN 41 751. Project Partner of the initiative is the  Institute of Economic Policy.

Draft project for the population’s financial literacy (FINALIST) in the framework of the Integrated Program for Lifelong Learning.
The project was developed under Grundtvig Program based in the University in the town of Piraeus, Greece –  a leading partner of  the initiative. It will be implemented by a consortium of ten partners from five countries of the European Union (Bulgaria, Greece, France, Cyprus and Germany). Participants from our country are VUZF and the Federation of consumers in Bulgaria. In the framework of the project the Center for professional learning (CPL) within VUZF has conducted a research among Bulgarian consumers regarding the level of financial literacy. The CPL elaborated training modules based on this study: "Social security and pension in the EU”, “Social and pension insurance in Bulgaria" and "Consumers and the State”. Other partners developed training modules such as: "Introduction to financial literacy," "Family Budgeting", "Using the money - consumers and banks”, “Market functions”, Household consumption and consumer rights”. A training for lecturers organized by the CPL within VUZF is imminent. In its framework the lecturers will conduct trainings on the above-mentioned five modules together with the relevant target group.

Project "European studies of the cultural dimensions of international business - management and marketing applications”.
The project was submitted by the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Slovak Agricultural University (Nitra) and is based on an international research program of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovakia.

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