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Whether you are the parent of a newly admitted VUZF student or you're helping your child prepare for graduation, it is important to be involved in your student's college career. Here are some useful tips to parent-focused information.

Sending your child off to study in a foreign school can be a very worrying and difficult experience. Fortunately VUZF together with our Students service and activities department can help reduce the stress and make the experience pleasant and beneficial. We even offer parents the option of visiting the University with their children. Our International office insures that your child is safe on arrival to Bulgaria, Sofia and make sure that they have accommodation and food available after their long journey. We ensure that all their documents are taken care of and that they are given the best advice with finding an apartment and signing a lease. Students from all different parts of the world are studying in Sofia so the city is familiar with muslim requirements.

7 good reasons to send your child to VUZF

Favoured Destination

In the past decade, Bulgaria and especially Sofia has become popular destination for international students to study. The majority is given to the neighborhood countries and former Russian republics.

Low Cost

The University fee structure is amongst the most cost-effective to study in Europe. Bulgaria is more affordable than Britain, the US, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic or Australia, in means of living expenses, cost of accommodation or overseas students' tuition fees. Yearly tuition depends on the program (see the Tuitions field) and living expenses are around 500 € a month.


Unlike many Universities, VUZF recognizes that many students have done their formal education with good language competencies and are comfortable with English as a medium of instruction. TOEFL/IELTS are acceptable as entry exam, also as the English Language program offered by the VUZF (see the English Language program)

Entry into European Union and World

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007. European practices in higher education and education policy are fully introduced in the Bulgarian higher education system. Studying in Bulgaria will give to your children an entry to the European market without actually having to spend as much money.

Degree Recognition

The degree offered by VUZF is accepted and recognized in Europe, it has a European diploma application.
Safe Study Environment


VUZF is а well-known university, acknowledged not only by the government authorities, but also by the busyness organizations. It has developed a Center for career orientation that is in close relation with the busyness and gives to the student many career opportunities. The Center organizes different kind of student internships and practices and gives to the students good professional start.

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