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Students graduate after successful completion of all the semester exams and the performance of other requirements included in the curriculum for the major. On this basis, they receive a higher education diploma in education degree "bachelor" in the specialization of the professional field Economics.
Students attend a state exam on the subject. Questionnaire for the state exam is prepared and adopted by the Council of the Major and provide to the students.

The state exam is organized in three sessions, the time which is determined in the curriculum for the specialty. The state exam is written or a combination (written and oral) and conducted by the examination committee, which includes at least three senior teachers in the scientific field. Exceptionally in examining board may include non-academic teachers with the educational and scientific degree "PhD". The Commission may participate as members and additional experts from practice.

The composition of the examining committee is nominated by the Head of Council of the Major and approved by the Rector. State examination evaluation shall enter in the student books and examination records after the exam.

Students who have not passed the state exam on the first session entitled to appear in two more sessions in the curriculum of the subject.
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