About VUZF


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The purpose of the studies is to prepare qualified specialists in the field of monetary relations, banking and control of cash flow. Such professionals successfully deal with the management of economic processes at a bank level , non-banking financial institution level, financial and tax departments or company level.

Students receive a broad enough knowledge of credit and financial relations, business, economics and management of modern information technologies. Thereby professionals for all units of the national economy, finance and banking are being prepared. The emphasis in the major is put on the banking and financial disciplines, accountability and control in business organizations in terms of established marketing relationships.

Students acquire analytical skills of economic management in the field of accounting, finance and cash flow control. Subjects covered in the curriculum allow students to improve their foreign language culture by studying English and to assimilate information technology in financial and credit system.

  Graduates acquire a “Bachelor” higher education degree with professional qualification "Economist". They are prepared to occupy managerial positions in the financial sphere and to take rational decisions at operational level. Their implementation is very wide - in the banking system, financial administration, capital markets, insurance, social security, financial service enterprises, financial control, investment companies and other areas.

Studies last four academic years (eight semesters) and finish with a state exam. The Bachelor training allows students to continue their education in the "Master" academic degree under certain conditions and in various forms of continuing education.
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