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Accounting and Control

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 The Accounting and Control major is one of the main subjects in the professional qualification “Economist”. Studies provide wide preparation in the field of accounting, control, audit, finance, banking, insurance, social security and other economic areas.

Students gain thorough theoretical knowledge and practical skills in specific and general subjects included in the curriculum of the major. They also acquire skills in team work, making of effective organizational solutions and good communication, which is an important prerequisite for their successful career.

Graduates acquire a “Bachelor” higher education degree with professional qualification "Economist". They may work in state and municipal administration, tax and customs administration, external and internal control and audit, banks and non-bank financial institutions, insurance system, social security, other fields and institutions, requiring accounting, control and audit functions, including functions of corporate financial managers.

Studies last four academic years (eight semesters) in full- or part-time training and finish with a state exam. Graduates may continue their studies in a Master degree program under certain conditions and participate in various forms of continuing education.
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