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The new academic year 2015-2016 was opened
The new academic year 2015-2016 was opened
05 October 2015

On 5th of October 2015, the new academic year in VUZF University was opened. The event took place in the university’s ceremonial hall.
The celebration was attended by the university management - Prof. Grigoriy Vazov - rector, Prof. Sava Grozdev - Vice Rector, Prof. Virginia Zhelyazkova, Prof. Evgeni Evgeniev and Prof. Yakim Kitanov. - Dean of the academic program. Freshman, senior students, parents, teachers and official guests attended the ceremony as well.
"Today the most important for our society is to give a strong rebuff of mediocrity and apathy. I really wanted to believe that together us all - teachers, students, their parents, at least by personal example will accomplish this." - Said in her speech at the opening Prof. Virginia Zhelyazkova. - "How do we deal with the challenges and how we will use opportunities, depends on the efforts and attitude of all of us." - She added, urging the students not to forget that when they make efforts for their own development, they are doing something very important not only for themselves, but for everyone around them.
Prof. Grigoriy Vazov, in his speech to the newly admitted freshmen, assured them that here they will feel the impact of a new environment, other than that with which they are accustomed till now - an excellent teaching staff, ambitious training programs tailored to the requirements of the business, guaranteed career after graduation, friendly and always in service to the student administrative team, and last but not least - a modern, aesthetic and comfortable physical environment. "You will not only receive a valuable education, but will leave our university different - because we encourage and celebrate with the process of building people" - he stressed.
After welcoming speech, traditionally, Prof. Grigoriy Vazov rang the university’s ceremonial bell, which announced the 2015-2016 academic year opened.

Photos from the atmosphere of the opening HERE.

“Are Bulgarians ready to invest in a new type of education? “
“Are Bulgarians ready to invest in a new type of education? “
02 October 2015

With this question Prof. Grigorii Vazov, VUZF University’s rector, opened the event for the announcement of the first and only one in Bulgaria, Master degree program in „Insurance, investment and auction business with cultural artifacts."
His words were supported by Dr. Valentina Grigorova-Gencheva, leading expert on authentication, identification and evaluation of cultural artifacts, founder and director of "Gold and Numismatics" department in First Investment Bank. According to her, such discipline, with so complete program doesn’t exist  not only in Bulgaria, but also in the world.
The event took place on 1st of October 2015 in the Exhibition Centre of the Union of Bulgarian Artists on 6 "Shipka" Str., and it was hosted by the jubilee exhibition of Adrey Yanev, "Return of the shepherds", which made it even more attractive and unconventional.
The presentation of the Master program brought together prominent academics, as well as specialists in the field of assessment, auditing, insurance and trade in cultural artifacts, artits, and representatives of the academia, museum workers and others. Among the official guests was Professor. Kostadin Kostadinov, Deputy Minister of Education, Mrs. Violina Marinova, CEO of DSK Bank, Mr. Costa Cholakov, Chairman and CEO of DZI, Mr. Orlin Penev, Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of "Allianz Bulgaria", Mr. Emil Kalo, vice president of the World Jewish Congress and others.

More details on the Master program can be found http://artinsurance.vuzf.bg/

Atmosphere on the event HERE.

Opening of the new academic year 2015/2016
Opening of the new academic year 2015/2016
28 September 2015

Dear students,

The management of the Higher School of Insurance and Finance invites you to the official opening of the academic year 2015/2016 , which will be held on 05.10.2015g . at 11:00 am in room 501 .

NOTE: On 05/10/2015 , the classes will be held on schedule , which is published on the official website VUZF .

World Bank experts and business discussed economic prospects in Bulgaria at VUZF
World Bank experts and business discussed economic prospects in Bulgaria at VUZF
15 September 2015

Growth in Bulgaria's economy is slowing down and the country should seek for new engines of growth - this is one of the most important conclusions learned during the workshop-discussion on "Bulgaria's potential for sustained growth and shared prosperity", organized by the VUZF University together with the World Bank. The event, which took place on 14 September in VUZF gathered leading Bulgarian economists, experts and analysts, and representatives of the most significant employers' organizations.
The discussion was part of the consultations, which the World Bank held in Bulgaria in the drafting of the new partnership strategy with the country. Within the framework of these consultations, the international financial institution expects to learn more from all interested parties what would be the priority areas in the development of Bulgaria in the long term to 2020.
The event was opened by Assoc. Prof. Grigorii Vazov, Rector of VUZF and Mr. Tony Thompson, Permanent Representative of the World Bank for Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, who presented the main conclusions of the last analytic screening for Bulgaria. After his presentation followed active discussion between representatives of employers' organizations, the financial elite and the academic community, including prominent professors from the VUZF University.
Economic growth in Bulgaria has slowed and current levels of growth our country will not be enough to reach the European standards of quality of life within a generation, was clear from the presentation of Tony Thompson. In addition, Bulgaria is among the countries with the sharpest decline of the working-age population in the world. These negative trends impose the need for new engines to ensure a quick, comprehensive and sustainable economic growth.
During the discussion was highlighted three key policies of transformation aimed at improving the management, the skills of the population and the way in which public expenditure is spent. The first one involves the creation of a quality institutional and legal framework, the second covers a variety of ways to enhance the competitiveness of the population in the labor market, and the third is aimed at more efficient use of public funds.

Higher School of Insurance and Finance and DZI set up a joint master's program
Higher School of Insurance and Finance and DZI set up a joint master's program
11 September 2015

"Innovations and business processes in the insurance" is the name of the new master's program at the VUZF University, established in cooperation with DZI. It will get launched this autumn and the application is already open. The program provides students with a comprehensive picture of the insurance business with focus on innovations and the latest trends. It includes everything that young people need to succeed in this dynamic industry. An important elements of the new master program are: focusing on the customer, innovation, creativity and effectiveness of processes in the insurance business.
"VUZF is the first Bulgarian University, which advocates strong partnership with the business and allows us to prepare our students for real working conditions, providing them optimal opportunities for realization. With the new master program we offer students the opportunity to learn from some of the best specialists in the field of insurance, and to experience activities in a company-symbol of insurance in Bulgaria in combination with experienced lecturers of our University "- said Mrs. Detelina Smilkova, vice president of the Higher School of Insurance and Finance.
Master's program "Innovation and business processes in the insurance" will last two semesters for students with a bachelor's degree in economics and three semesters for graduates of other majors. The latter will have a preparatory semester, including items such as "Theory of insurance" and "Insurance products and insurance market", which would allow them to enter the sector.
Among other subjects in the program are "Management and data analysis", "Products in Medical and Life Insurance", "Risk Management and actuarial", "Business Process Management in Insurance" and others. Additional training will be given in learning management of the insurance company, marketing and sales in the sector, innovation, change management, and supervision of insurance.
The subjects will be led by lecturers of VUZF and authoritative DZI professionals with extensive experience in the field. Among them are Prof. PhD. Radoslav Gabrovski, head of the Educational Council "Insurance and social insurance" VUZF, Assoc. Prof. Irena Misheva, a member of the Council of specialty "Insurance and social insurance", both members of the editorial board for VUZF’s publishing house "St. Gregory the Theologian”, Ralitsa Again-Guri, Deputy Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission, Alexander Peev, Director of "Development of the retail network and sales" DZI, Maria Stoyanova, head of sector "Property damage" in the company and others.
For more information:  http://dzi.vuzf.bg/

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