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The Vice president of VUZF Detelina Smilkova shares what are the five things that will change education
The Vice president of VUZF Detelina Smilkova shares what are the five things that will change education
01 February 2016

The vice president of VUZF Detelina Smilkova shared with the newspaper "Standard" which are the five key trends that are expected to have the greatest impact on the education system in the coming years. "The changes we observed are not only technological. It is a complete rethinking of the role of education in our society and the transformation of educational institutions into partners of the students, institutions dedicated primarily to building successful personalities competitive on the labor market" she said.

What will be the next significant innovation that will change the way we teach and earn degrees, we can see in the entire interview with the newspaper "Standard" published on Tuesday, January 26, HERE.

Prominent European financier is going to be \
Prominent European financier is going to be \
28 January 2016

At its meeting held on January 26, 2016, the Academic council of  VUZF unanimously adopted the decision to award the honorary title "Doctor Honoris Causa" of the university to  Lucien Gijsens, CEO of KBC Bank & Insurance and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CIBANK and DZI, as part of the KBC group.
The award is given for contribution of Gijsens to the management and development of the KBC Bank & Insurance Bulgaria and Europe, as well as the creation of a joint master's program "Innovation and business processes in the insurance" between VUZF and DZI.

Luc Gijsens professional path began in 1977, when he joined the Kredietbank NV Successively he held the positions of currency merchant bank representative and manager of branches in Hong Kong, Bahrain, Los Angeles and Antwerp. In 1994 he rose to general manager of the Kredietbank in Antwerp. After the merging of the bank with ABB-Insurance and CERA (Centrale Raiffeisenkas) Bank and the creation of the KBC Bank & Insurance Holding in 1998, in 2000 Gijsens became Senior General Manager of KBC Bank. From 2011 he is the CEO of KBC Bank & Insurance and Executive Board member of the KBC Group. Since 2014 he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CIBANK and DZI, which are part of the KBC Group.

Solemn ceremony of honorary distinction will be held on February 19, 2016, at 11.30 in the hotel "Riu Pravets Resort." The event will be attended by officials from the headquarters of KBC Group in Brussels, representatives of the Bulgarian and the European financial elite.

Lucien Gijsens will be the seventh recipient of the prestigious academic title "Doctor Honoris Causa" of VUZF. So far in the history of the higher school this highest distinction was awarded to Dr. Fernando Montes-Negret in 2013, Dr. Peter Hajdu in 2011, Dr. Klaus Junker in 2009, Dr. Luka Dokov in 2008, Dr. Reinhard Bauermayster  and Dr. Guenther Krause in 2007.

VUZF is a partner and host of the National Scientific Theoretical Conference - part of the international project MITE
VUZF is a partner and host of the National Scientific Theoretical Conference - part of the international project MITE
28 January 2016

Higher School of Insurance and Finance is organizing a National Scientific theoretical conference, which is a National stage of the international competition for students, teachers and students. The national stage is within the International project MITE (Methodology and Information Technologies in Education), partners in which are:
- Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF) (Sofia, Bulgaria)
- Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAS (Sofia, Bulgaria)
- Academy of Social Management (Moscow, Russia)
- Faculty of teacher education at Moscow State University "M. Lomonosov "(Moscow, Russia).

The conference will be held on 4th  and 5th of February 2016 in the building of VUZF. Invitations for the conference are given to the admitted projects in absentia stage. As part of the program on February 5th from 13 am is organized a meeting of the academic leadership of the university with directors (or their representatives) of vocational schools across the country with a focus on the economy. The theme of the meeting is: "IS THERE A CRISIS IN EDUCATION AND CAN WE BE BENEFICIAL FOR EACH OTHER?".

VUZF aims to hear new proposals and to share best practices and expose ideas for future cooperation. One of the main causes of the higher school is precisely to create working links between education, business, institutions and real life in the name of teenagers and prosperity of society.
Participation in the meeting can be combined with the presence of student, teacher and student presentations.
The details are reported in the scientific program, which you can see HERE.

Prof. Sava Grozdev in international jury of the prestigious Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Prof. Sava Grozdev in international jury of the prestigious Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
22 January 2016

With five gold, four silver and one bronze medals  came back the Bulgarian participants of XII Jautikovsk Olympiad in physics, mathematics and informatics. Host of the unprecedented race was Almaty, Kazakhstan. This year over 400 students and the best specialized schools in 17 countries competed forces.
Bulgarian representative in the international jury of the Olympiad was prof. Sava Grozdev, vice-rector for research and careers in VUZF. Prof. Grozdev commented that this is the biggest success achieved so far by the Bulgarian students at Jautikovsk Olympics. "We owe it to them and their teachers. The competition in Almaty has traditionally been very strong and this year is no exception.", said the Vice Rector of VUZF.

In the team competition Sofia Mathematics High School won the first place. The director of SMG Antoni Stoyanov stated that no one has guaranteed place in the team. In "Physics" with gold and silver returned Svetlin Totev and Nicola Pulev. "The race was very difficult. We are not preparing specially – we work hard for years and gather our knowledge for international competitions, "said Svetlin. He received an offer from Cambridge, where he is going to study astrophysics. "There were very strong Russian teams but we managed to beat them," said Nikola. He also has been admitted to Cambridge. In the section "Mathematics" the gold medals  were won by Alexander Cherganski, Denitsa Markova and Violeta Naydenova. Alexander has been admitted to study computer science at Oxford. Daniel Atanasov was awarded a silver medal. In the "Informatics" Hristo Venev won first place and a gold medal. Silver was won by Ivo Dilov. "As strange as it sounds, I plan to study at Sofia University," said Ivo. The competitors are prepared by teachers from SMG Linka Mintcheva, Ivan Simeonov, Stoycho Stoev, Ilian Iliev and Boyko Banchev. With silver and bronze medal returned also the Informatics of Shumen Anton Chernev and Ivan Ganev, led by Bisserka Freedman.

VUZF created the first bachelor’s degree on business software in Europe
VUZF created the first bachelor’s degree on business software in Europe
15 January 2016

From the next fall will start the first bachelor’s degree on business software in Bulgaria and Europe. Its name is “IT analysis and business strategies” and it was created from by The higher school of insurance and finances (VUZF), in partnership with leading companies from business management systems area. In this way, the program combines academic potential of VUZF with many years od practical experience of managers and professionals in the industry. The degree will prepare consultants on  the deployment, sale, development and maintenance of business management. Entries for it have already started. The program is in economics and is suitable for anyone looking for a career in the field of information technology, without being a programmer. We remind you that VUZF and ERP Academy created the first in the country master's degree in business software.

"Today is very trendy to talk about a closer relationship between higher education and business - a principle that is enshrined in us for many years. VUZF always strived to find the most promising economic sectors and create innovative specialties, in close cooperation with the business. The result is that today our students are eventuated in some of the most successful companies in the banking, insurance, accounting, audit and risk management and other segments. Our ambition is to achieve the same success in the field of business software "- said Prof. Grigorii Vazov, rector of VUZF.

"After the interest towards the master degree from several European countries, I expect the new undergraduate program to cause international interest, the more that it is the only one in Europe. I think it is entirely realistic in the longer term that Bulgaria is going to become a regional center for training of personnel in the segment of systems for business management "- said Detelina Smilkova, vice president VUZF.

The biggest advantage of the new undergraduate program is the close partnership with the software industry. Lecturers in it are representatives of some of the leading Bulgarian companies for the development and implementation of business software as Balkan Services, Team VISION Bulgaria, ERP.BG, as well as speakers from SAP, Oracle Academy, Microsoft, ERP Academy and others. The program provides many opportunities for internship and work in the industry.

The graduates of the bachelor program "IT analysis and business strategies" will graduate as specialists in the implementation of software solutions. They will be able to make a successful career in both enterprise software companies and IT departments of manufacturing companies, banks, retailers and other companies using the systems for business management, as well as foreign companies. Currently the demand for trained personnel in the field is extremely high, and the payment of such specialists is well above average. More information about the program can be found at: www.it.vuzf.bg

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