About VUZF

Two diplomas

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 The VUZF University gives you the opportunity to graduate with one or two diplomas depending on which of the VUZF programs you have chosen to study in.

All students who took their exams successfully receive a diploma form VUZF. If necessary an European Diploma Supplement could be given. The European Diploma Supplement is given in addition to the original diploma and does not substitute the official supplement to the diploma for higher education. The purpose is to ensure full and independent data which could help for the “transparent” and impartial recognition of the documents for education and professional qualification.
The European Diploma Supplement is issued in the "Academic affairs" office in VUZF.

VUZF gives students the unique opportunity to acquire education officially recognized not only in Europe but all over the world.
Students admitted to the Joint program with the University of Sheffield, who took their exams successfully, receive two diplomas-one from the VUZF University and one from the University of Sheffield.

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