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VUZF Foundation was established in 2008. Its primary mission is to promote the development of quality education in line with modern practice in Bulgaria and worldwide. The Foundation undertakes the  responsible task to assist the  development of  the educational system in Bulgaria and the research activity by supporting projects elaboration in the fields of insurance, social security, financial and banking sectors. Among the priorities of VUZF Foundation  is  to encourage young people in Bulgaria  to education by awarding scholarships and  prizes for excellence in the above-mentioned areas, as well as organizing placement practices for students.

I. Goals 

to support the  establishing a modern education system;
to study, plan and meet  the needs of practically trained professionals;
to support the young people  social integration, development and personal realization;
to assist the civil society organizations working  to meet the social needs;
to support the preservation of cultural and spiritual heritage of Bulgaria and Europe;
to encourage  the social dialogue in civil society.

II. Activities
Funding of research projects in the fields of insurance, social security, financel and banking;
Awarding scholarships and prizes for achievements in the above-mentioned areas, organization of student placement practices;
Encouraging teachers  research and scientific activities;
Issue  of scientific and popular science literature through their own publications or through participation in joint projects; 
Assignement, funding and implementation of surveys, scientific researches, publications and programs;
Supporting research institutes, international, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and programs;
Organizing and / or participation in workshops, seminars, debates, conferences, lectures and other fora.

III. Principles of working


IV. Initiatives in 2009
 Second National Conference on "Financial stability and quality of healthcare", 6-7 October 2009, Grand Hotel Sofia

V. Contacts
Dr. Grigor Dimitrov - Director General, tel: 02/ 4015 814, Fax: 02/ 4015 821,
mobile: 0887 314 014, e-mail: grdimitrov@vuzf.bg

Venzislava  Dacheva - Director tel; 02/4015 814, Fax: 02/4015 821,
mobile: 0888 101 376, e-mail: vdacheva@vuzf.bg


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