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Academic management and lecturers

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Academic management and lecturers

Prof. Grigorii Vazov, PhD



tel.: +359 2 401 58 03
е-mail: vazov@vuzf.bg


Prof. Virginiya Zhelyazkova, PhD

Deputy Rector for educational
activities and quality management


Finance Foreign Trade Transactions

International Finance

Financial Risk Management

Portfolio Management

room № 405
tel.: +359 2 401 58 22
е-mail: vzhelyazkova@vuzf.bg

Prof. Sava Grozdev, PhD

Deputy Rector for scientific activities and doctoral training


room № 409
tel.: +359 2 401 58 30
е-mail: sgrozdev@vuzf.bg

Assoc. Prof. Evgeni Evgeniev, PhD 

Business Strategies
Global Strategic Management
Financial Consumer Protection
International Financial Organizations
Public Policies and Business Environment

 tel: +359 2 401 58 31

е-mail: eevgeniev@vuzf.bg

Assoc. Prof. Yakim Kitanov, PhD
Banking Systems

           е-mail: qkitanov@vuzf.bg

Prof. Ognyana Stoichkova, PhD
Head "Finance" Department

 е-mail: ognsto@abv.bg

Prof. Radoslav Gabrovsky, Phd

Head of  "Insurance and Social Security" Department

е-mail: rgabrovsky@abv.bg

 Assoc. Prof. Dessislava Yosifova, PhD
Head “Accounting and Controlling” Department
room № 408
tel.: +359 2 401 58 02
e-mail: diosifova@abv.bg

 Assoc. Prof. Irena Markova, PhD

Management Representative for Quality


Insurance Market
Analysis of Insurance Activity
Marketing for Social Insurance (Pensions and Health)
Adaptive Management

tel.: +359 2 401 58 05
е-mail: irena_misheva@mail.bg

Prof. Mihail Dinev, PhD

Financial Accounting Theory
Financial Audit
Financial Accounting Analysis


е-mail: m.dinev@abv.bg

Prof. Metodi Hristov, PhD

Fundaments of Finance
Public Finance



е-mail: mhristov24@abv.bg









Assoc. Prof. Manyu Moravenov, PhD

Electronic exchanges

e-mail: manyu.moravenov@infocom.bg


Prof. Boyan Durankev, PhD

Head of "Marketing and management" Department

Marketing and Financial Services
Business ethics and communications
Globalization and Sustainable Development

е-mail: Durankev@yahoo.com

Prof. Ognyan Simeonov, PhD
Financial Control
Management Control
Internal Control and Internal Audit

е-mail: osimeonov@vuzf.bga

Prof. Snezana Basheva, PhD

Financial Accounting
Tax Accounting
Financial Accounting Specialized Course

е-mail: sbasheva@vuzf.bg

 Prof.  Rumen Trifonov, PhD

Information Technology in Accounting
Management of Information

е-mail: ru.trifonov@gmail.com

Assoc. Prof. Zheljo Hristozov, PhD


Theory of Insurance
Insurance Products
Risk Management 

е-mail: jelio_hristozov@abv.bg

Assoc. Prof. Stanislav Dimitrov Petkov, PhD

Corporate Finance
Capital pension funds

е-mail: dim_stanislav@yahoo.com

  Assoc. Prof. Ali Veysel, PhD

Standartization of Accounting
and Auditing
Financial Control
Management Control

 е-mail: aveysel@vuzf.bg

Prof. Grigor Dimitrov, PhD

Health Insurance
Management of Insurance Company
Management of the Business Processes of Insurance
е-mail: gr_dim@abv.bg



Senior Assistant Nikolay Velkov, PhD

Fundamentals of Law
Commercial Law



е-mail: velkov.nikolay@gmail.com 

Senior Assistant Radostin Vazov, PhD
Fundamentals of Finance
Public Financeе-mail:



Assoc. Prof. Julia Dobreva, PhD

Sustainable development

е-mail: jdobreva@vuzf.bg

Senior Assistant Biser Raynov, PhD
Financial Accounting Theory
Management Accounting
Financial Audit
Risk Management and Internal Control
е-mail: brainov@abv.bg




Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Todorov, PhD

Corporate Dynamics
Business Modeling
Strategic Management

e-mail: ktodorov06@gmail.com  



Assoc. Prof. Daniela Ilieva, PhD

e-mail: daniela@daniela.bg






Assoc. Prof. Natalia Futekova, PhD

e-mail: n.futekova@erp.bg

Senior Lecturer Larissa Kassabova


е-mail: lkasabova@vuzf.bg









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