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Presentation of doctoral programs

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VUZF University has program accreditation for the following doctoral programs: "Finance, insurance and social insurance" and "Accounting, control and analysis" from "Economics" professional field, given by the Standing Committee on Economic Sciences and Management with the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA).

NEAA is a full member of ENQA – The European Association for Quality Assurance of Higher Education.

NEAA is a full member of EQAR – The European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education.

As a result of the high score evaluation of the doctoral programs by NEAA, VUZF University has the right to organize PhD studies in three forms, namely “Full-time form”, “Part-time form” and “On individual plan form”. The doctoral programs comprise a large specter of the professional direction “Economics”: Finance, Business, Insurance, Social and Health Insurance, Banking, Marketing, Accountancy, Control, Audit and Analysis, Financial Mathematics, Management, Innovations, Entrepreneurship and anything connected with Economics.

VUZF University has a long tradition in preparing highly qualified specialists covering the needs of Economics but also of research. The high-grade training of our students in all educational programs classified them among the most preferred personnel not only in business but in academic institutions too.

The advantages of our doctoral programs are:

- The PhD students are prepared by some of the best and highly qualified specialists in the field of Economics and the VUZF University doctoral studies are leveled with the best standards and practices in Europe, USA and the world.

- Contemporary methods for theoretical and practical preparation are used in the educational process.

- The PhD student development in the field of Economics is in agreement with the needs of the contemporary practice and raises its competitiveness giving priority to innovative investigations that support science and business.

- The doctoral elaborations are published on the VUZF specialized scientific site, proceedings and other specialized editions thus reaching a larger audience. VUZF University edits several journals, in which the PhD students could publish their research papers.

- Our doctoral programs are proposed in three forms: “Full-time form”, “Part-time form” and “On individual plan form”, responding to the individual requirements of the candidates.

- The VUZF University doctoral programs fit to people who wish to acquire profound fundamental economic knowledge to be applied in their professional practice and career.




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