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Academic management and lecturers

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Academic management and lecturers

Prof. Grigorii Vazov, PhD



tel.: +359 2 401 58 03
е-mail: vazov@vuzf.bg


Assoc. Prof. Virginiya Zhelyazkova, PhD

Deputy Rector for educational
activities and quality management


Finance Foreign Trade Transactions

International Finance

Financial Risk Management

Portfolio Management

room № 405
tel.: +359 2 401 58 22
е-mail: vzhelyazkova@vuzf.bg

Prof. Sava Grozdev, PhD

Deputy Rector for scientific activities and doctoral training


room № 409
tel.: +359 2 401 58 30
е-mail: sava.grozdev@gmail.com

Assoc. Prof. Evgeni Evgeniev, PhD

Deputy Rector for European Projects and Further Education


Business Strategies
Global Strategic Management
Financial Consumer Protection
International Financial Organizations
Public Policies and Business Environment


room № 410

tel: +359 2 401 58 31

е-mail: eevgeniev@vuzf.bg

Assoc. Prof. Yakim Kitanov, PhD
Banking Systems

           е-mail: qkitanov@vuzf.bg

Prof. Ognyana Stoichkova, PhD
Head "Finance" Department

 е-mail: ognsto@abv.bg

Prof. Radoslav Gabrovsky, Phd

Head of the Council "Insurance and Social Security"

е-mail: rgabrovsky@vuzf.bg


 Assoc. Prof. Dessislava Yosifova, PhD
Head of the Council “Accounting and Controlling”
room № 408
tel.: +359 2 401 58 02
e-mail: dyosifova@vuzf.bg

 Assoc. Prof. Irena Markova, PhD

Management Representative for Quality


Insurance Market
Analysis of Insurance Activity
Marketing for Social Insurance (Pensions and Health)
Adaptive Management

tel.: +359 2 401 58 05
е-mail: irena_misheva@mail.bg

Prof. Mihail Dinev, PhD

Financial Accounting Theory
Financial Audit
Financial Accounting Analysis


е-mail: m.dinev@abv.bg 

Prof. Metodi Hristov, PhD

Fundaments of Finance
Public Finance



е-mail: mhristov24@abv.bg








Assoc. Prof. Manyu Moravenov, PhD

Electronic exchanges

e-mail: manyu.moravenov@infocom.bg


Prof. Boyan Durankev, PhD

Head of "Marketing and management" Department

Marketing and Financial Services
Business ethics and communications
Globalization and Sustainable Development

е-mail: durankev@yahoo.com  

Prof. Ognyan Simeonov, PhD
Financial Control
Management Control
Internal Control and Internal Audit

е-mail: osimeonov@vuzf.bga

Prof. Snezana Basheva, PhD

Financial Accounting
Tax Accounting
Financial Accounting Specialized Course

е-mail: sbasheva@vuzf.bg

Prof.  Rumen Trifonov, PhD

Information Technology in Accounting
Management of Information

е-mail: rtrifonov@vuzf.bg

Assoc. Prof. Zheljo Hristozov, PhD


Theory of Insurance
Insurance Products
Risk Management 


Assoc. Prof. Stanislav Dimitrov Petkov, PhD

Corporate Finance
Capital pension funds

е-mail: dim_stanislav@yahoo.com

  Assoc. Prof. Ali Veysel, PhD

Standartization of Accounting
and Auditing
Financial Control
Management Control

 е-mail: aveysel@vuzf.bg

Prof. Grigor Dimitrov, PhD

Health Insurance
Management of Insurance Company
Management of the Business Processes of Insurance
е-mail: gdimitrov@vuzf.bg



Senior Assistant Nikolay Velkov, PhD

Fundamentals of Law
Commercial Law



е-mail: velkov.nikolay@gmail.com  

Senior Assistant Radostin Vazov, PhD
Fundamentals of Finance
Public Financeе-mail:



Assoc. Prof. Julia Dobreva, PhD

Sustainable development

е-mail: dobreva_julia@abv.bg

Senior Assistant Biser Raynov, PhD
Financial Accounting Theory
Management Accounting
Financial Audit
Risk Management and Internal Control
е-mail: brainov@abv.bg




Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Todorov, PhD

Corporate Dynamics
Business Modeling
Strategic Management

e-mail: k.todorov@cario.bg


Senior Lecturer Larissa Kassabova


е-mail: lkasabova@vuzf.bg









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